Last days I discovered some new protocols. The first is of course Gemini protocol. I heard about Gopher but I never used it. The only experience in world of terminals were IRC and few sessions of MUD. But I like minimalistic side of the Internet, and looking back for the first years of my Internet life. Now I have Gemini Capsule which is like 80’s time hole.

The second one, when I was thinking that nothing more strange could be put into my hands, is Scuttlebutt [1].

Some time ago I was writing on my primary blog about Donald Trump “Twitter case” and in comments section were some side discussion about social media instances. For me it’s ok when instance owner have rights to moderate users. The main problem is that there are only one Twitter instance, and people should be aware of these threat. But there was other opinion that even when, for example Mastodon, have many federated instance, owners shouldn’t have rights to moderate them. And possibility to choosing another instance by blocked user isn’t the solution for that.

So Scuttlebutt is answer for that case. Social media protocol without any instances or servers. With peer to peer communication and immutable posts. I wasn’t aware that there is technical solutions which is production ready.

Then I was sure that nothing more strange... Yep, there is Betty protocol [2]. Maybe it’s not social media but it allows for communication of group of people without any instances or servers, and without... Internet connection. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (Arthur C. Clarke) This magic won’t work in the jungle, but it should work in big cities’ jungles where Bluetooth Low Energy infrastructure is dense.

The last funny thing is that above protocols could be connected with Gossip protocol [3] which is also called (via Wikipedia article) as “epidemic protocol”. So this is the technology for current time.



[3] Gossip protocol


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