Apple ecosystem (convenient and irritating same time)

I’m using Linux on my desktop for almost twenty years and never had been thinking that I would be Apple user. Long time I had been using traditional cellular phone, with my favorite Nokia E51. And after this, when it hadn’t been any choice, I tried some Android smartphones. Never with success, always with some sort of feeling that it’s not that phone.

And after era of Android I tried iPhone. With limitations which come from Apple's way of thinking which, in normal user everyday use, are convenient and no blocking. It’s better phone for me.

But, when somebody try to step out of normal user everyday use, and he know possibilities in Linux ecosystem this convenientness is so irritating. Maybe not in way that’s is fault of Apple, but that in GNU Linux community people do such huge work that sometimes we take it for normal state of world.

So there are no SFTP support in text editors on iOS. This situation could be treated as normal, because operating system don’t support any SSH or SFTP layer, and text editors won’t include such special libraries.

SFTP support is in some “professional” editors for developers (which have more features than I need to post to Gemlog). This situation is also natural, because it's not normal user everyday use and professional tools are paid.

And again, in Linux we don’t even thinking of such thing as SFTP! Irritating.


tags: #linux, #ios, #sftp, #apple