The small web is beautiful

Today I’m starting with title of interesting article [1] about minimalistic point of view, also about websites. It’s necessary to talk about this, but of course not in Gemini space which is so minimalistic, that it don’t have to be more. With all that #512KbClub blogs, which also doesn’t matter here for Gemlogs. There aren’t things to clean and fix, because the only primal instincts here is to be small and simple.

So when I was thinking about RSS reader for Gemini space I didn’t imagine what I’m real looking for. Unexpectedly for some sort of complex problem there’s simple solution. There are no need for RSS reader, we can generate updated articles [2] as Gemini resource and read it in regular Gemini client.

[1] The small web is beautiful by Ben Hoyt

[2] Moku pona


tags: #gemini, #gemlog, #512KbClub, #rss