Exploring Gemini space cont.

I'm exploring Gemini space. I add some obvious feeds for Amfora's author, Solderpunk, and Lagrange's author bookmark (because there are no feed). I have read some posts.

As I wrote on my regular blog exploring new Gemini capsules is like be some adventurer. It's different feeling from normal web because Google put all of us on some sort of rails. Everybody get the same, and visit top links of every Google search. It's because we used to that this top links, are the best. We are in some set of schemas for obtaining information. Without that schemas we are feeling some sort of anxiety, and we must learn how to look for information again. In Gemini space we are like in 90'sand pre Google era. There are no schemas and we evaluate all content of our own.


szczezuja.space CC BY-SA

@ Wed Mar 10 23:37:46 CET 2021

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