Gemini feeds reader

Gemini protocol has many ideas which could implement client software, which is aware of information updates. Some capsules has of course an Atom feed. But there is also native page structure [1], which could be equivalent to Atom feed, without publishing one.

So there are no need to subscribe directly to feed, when every page could have structure. I was surprised when Amfora allowed me to do Ctrl + X (to subscribe) page without feed. But it's possible and correct. And now my subscription page become more important than bookmark page, and contains all bookmarks. The last thing is to save subscription page to disk, what is not possible in Amfora for now. I request new features on GitHub [2] and it was approved to development.

When it will be implemented, It could be possible to set Amfora in Crontab, and automatically generate and upload to capsule some sort of public feeds page (like CAPCOM or Moku Pona).

[1] Subscribing to Gemini pages

[2] Amfora's GitHub


@ Sat Mar 13 20:55:04 CET 2021

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