Summary of passing week

I didn't write anything through passing week but I was working around my Gemini capsule.

I tried to do do-release-upgrade on my VPS and after it I spotted some problems so I restored snapshot from before I started. Two hours of one afternoon were thrown away.

I was thinking also about pros and cons of having own Gemini server instead of Idea of having everything on my own is as always nice, but then I realised that I don't know which Gemini server is secure and reliable. Gemini protocol is so fresh idea that I should be prepared for maintaining it more frequent than I have time for it. I gave up, and support Alex (Flounder's administrator for his work).

I set up some configuration tweaks for my Vim. I installed plugin manager, I add NERDTree plugin, and refresh some Vim shortcuts for managing windows and so on.


@ Sat Mar 27 21:05:23 CET 2021

tags: #gemlog #vim, #flounder