Change to daylight saving time

Today is a day of daylight saving time change. Despite I woke up earlier I didn't go to bed and I pretend that is some extra time for do some tidying up of my Gemini capsule. It will hurt tomorrow in the morning.

I didn't configure any feed reader even though I have been trying to do so for about week. But I have prepared my blogroll page for inclusion of automatically generated page, when I at last will choose some proper solution.

I set up XMPP/Jabber account: szja at I was using XMPP/Jabber for many years, but now my roster is empty. Today I created: as a place for any feedback from this capsule. I thought that it must be a disobliging channel for feedback, and I don't want to post every Gemini post to Mastodon for comments. I want to set up whole environment on a server side so I installed mcabber command line XMPP/Jabber client.

I was trying also command line Mastodon client - toot tui.

I also improved further my vi configuration and workflow. I am starting to feel that it's comfortable tool.


@ Sun Mar 28 23:48:46 CEST 2021

tags: #gemlog, #rss, #xmpp, #jabber, #cli, #toot, #mastodon, #vim