During last weekend I had managed to do dist-upgrade, and after it configured Comitium [1]. Comitium is feed aggregator for Gemini space feeds (Atom/XML) and capsules. It's producing static page, which could be published. My feeds page is published on this capsule. [2] It's interesting because every reader could check what I'm reading at the moment, and for me because I have all articles prepared in one place. It's like a newspaper.

The only thing which I must improve is automation. Because uploading feed page for Flounder gemlogs require a text password. Without key login I can't put proper script in Crontab to do so. There are some work around, but it's a bit complicated. Maybe Alex will find time for develop a new feature for Flounder. Or I will be so impatient that I will explore what is the problem with my workaround.




@ Wed 07 Apr 2021 09:56:04 PM CEST

tags: #comitium, #rss, #gemlog, #flounder