Geminispace is awesome

Last days I hadn't much time for Geminispace. I was looking around, mainly on my Mastodon account. Many of my subscriptions, are connected with Gemini.

Today, as always before going bed, I checked my Gemini feeds aggregator and look a bit into the Midnight Pub [1].

At the Pub I heard that there is a discovery page [2], and there I noticed Gemini Dig clone [3].

After a while I thought that Geminispace is awesome. There are many hidden treasures like for example Gemini proxy for Reddit [4]. So much, and only this. There are so many creative people on Gemini.






@ Sun 18 Apr 2021 11:29:11 PM CEST

tags: #gemini, #midnightPub, #reddit, #geddit, #proxy