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In response to Przemek’s gemlog [1].

I had been using traditional cellular phone for years. After it I was using Android phones with promise to not spend more than 300 USD (it wasn’t problem of money, it was philosophy of life). I was laughing at Apple fanboys.

After some time I realized that it could be something in Apple devices. I changed cheap Samsung phone to cheap iPhone 5C. It wasn’t my phone, but it was in my family. After a while I was sure that it was worth every money which was spent on it. My 300 USD budget was exceeded, and wasn’t exceeded at the same time. I am looked at this in another way, because after next years iPhone 5C did all things, as it had been doing them at the first day after purchase. It was fast, it was up to date.

Next device which I bought was MacBook Air. It was also the cheapest MacBook in the store. There wasn’t any surprises, and the story was repeating. What is more I can look at seamless integration of iPhone and MacBook. Some features like AirDrop is introducing in current version of Android (it took years for base integration functionality).

I’m IT guy and there isn’t problem for me to set up Linux distributions. I was using Linux distribution at the same time. I was aware of every limitation of Apple’s ecosystem, but everything above it was easy and nice. Without any effort. Up to date. Less time consuming. And what is the most important that every time it was some premium product feeling (despite that I was buying the cheapest models).

I have now two iPhones, iPad, MacBook Air. They aren’t newest models, nor most expensive ones. But they’re working for many years. Costs of purchasing are amortized and I understood that real amount, nominally more than 300 USD, is in long time lower.

I’m Linux user so my workflow must changed. It could be problem with some professional use, but not in everyday home user workflow. Some webpages, some photos, occasionally connecting to SSH (MacOS is a bit “Linux distribution”). It’s enough.

If there is any reason for buying “professional” apps it wouldn’t be a financial problem. I have bought for example brilliant SSH terminal called Blink, and it’s great for touch screens. I am feeling that such application is worth that money and it’s better than every free alternatives on Google Play.

After years of using Apple’s devices I’m content. I’m paying a bit more for some luxury of not thinking about which model of Android phone could be good at this time for me (because every year other manufacturer is preferred by power users). I’m not thinking about features and configuration capabilities which are not necessary. Every is simple and well done. If something is missing in Apple for sure is not ready for consumers, it’s only a possibility or use case for minority of them.

Is like AirPods and Bluetooth. Every technical user was saying that Bluetooth is great. But after Apple made AirPods Bluetooth standard was improved for better Bluetooth audio. And now every user (Apple and Google phones) get the real wireless headphones, because every earlier versions of standard had some flaws.

So I try not to be Apple fanboy. I try not to talk too much about it. But for me it’s obvious choice.

Of course they are doing some tricks to put users in their bubbles and I think that you could change OneDrive for iCloud in some time. I’m aware of this, and every company would do the same.

I’d like to believe that they won’t be too greedy and there will be place for such lazy users as I. I can afford to pay for it at the current price level.



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