Dreams about graphical windows managers

I'm a novice in the world which I'm thinking to know very well. It's of course - very obvious. When we are using CLI tools like Toot (Mastodon CLI client), and when we are activating a HTTP hyperlink in such tool, a proper configured system should open... a new window of system web browser. Applause!

After I installed Lynx (terminal web browser) everything start working out of the box. I realized this, after I had seen system message:

update-alternatives: using /usr/bin/lynx to provide /usr/bin/www-browser

Using GUI applications puts our mind to sleep, with dreams about graphical windows managers. We must awake, in real CLI world! ;-)


szczezuja.space CC BY-SA

@ Sat 24 Apr 2021 04:05:49 PM CEST

tags: #cli, #lynx, #toot, #mastodon