Re: Why use Gemini?

Short answer

In response to discussion about essence of being in Gemini space [1].

I had responded to simple question "Why to use Gemini" on Fediverse with very short answer.

I have started to blog years ago on platform built with XMPP/Jabber

support. Now I’m writing on my #Gemini capsule. Then, and today the

reason is the same. It’s interesting idea which involving interesting

peoples. You don't have to search for them, just select a random #Gemlog.

And this answer could be too hermetic. I try to improve it for wider context.

Back to year 2004

I started blogging about 2004 on Polish XMPP/Jabber blogging platform. I had been sceptic for blogging, what for me had been connected with not so serious teenagers diaries. But about 2000 I started looking for IM alternatives, what lead me to Jabber. Blogging through Jabber was planned to be checking only and temporary activity.

But... I'm blogging to this day. Blogging platform build on XMPP/Jabber turned out to be a special place. There were only a hundreds of bloggers, but the most of people were involved of new idea of XMPP/Jabber. There were programmers of Jabber servers, clients, tools, admins, open minded, enthusiasts and evangelists etc. It was one place, where that people came together. It was impossible to find a second blogging platform like this at this time.

Time was passing through and of course that platform collapsed. Many people abandoned their blogging habbits, some people migrated to other platforms. It was end of special time for me.


I think that there could had been some other places similar to my platform, and maybe others have also such golden ark. In the Internet is hard to find today similar places and communities. Today's Internet is working in a different way.

Many of us could thinking in a similar way, were bored today's state of matters. But what to do with it? The most often activity is to thinking of the past, and writing blog posts about "how good was years ago".

And surprisingly I saw #Geminispace tag on the Fediverse. It's such simple thing to going back to my 2004. I started to read toots and profiles connected with this tag. Next I started to read Gemini capsules and Gemlogs. Next I started to write own Gemlog.

It's enjoying and inspiriting to be again with avan-garde of (small) Internet. It's allow to improve yourself and help create new idea of Gemini space. Maybe the Gemini space never will be a first choice of browsing and surfing, but only thinking of it (as we are doing) should improve a bit of the Internet chaos (social media, click baits, ads, fakenews and so on... source of the technical baroque, things, which should be simple).

[1] gemini://


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