Cognitive shock

Today I've spotted new social gemapp where I've created an account [1]. There are many new ideas in Gemini space and everyone could make impact on it. You could put something in your domain on port 1965, and suddenly, after a while it could become one of common recognized part of Gemini space. Some ideas are weird, some good, and a few are better. Everybody are looking for the best way of evolution of today's Gemini space point.

The original idea of Gemini space is extending in every direction like a space, which theme stands for the protocol name. Some of ideas could be like a poker cards check for protocol limitations. Because somebody wants to have small internet, in a smaller version than other or bigger version of that, and so on.

I also have settled in Gemini space, and I also have own vision of what is the best direction for me.

To write (on my capsule)

It's convenient to put a content in Gemtext. There are no need to think about CSS, graphical form of it. Preparing special infrastructure. Strengthening and securing it. The only thing I'm waiting for it is a Debian package of server in official repository, which indicate that one of servers is mature enough for everyday using.

I'm thinking also of some HTTP proxy for my Capsule. It seems to be also widely developed part of today's Gemini software.

To write (on my gemlog)

I'm planing to migrate my primary Wordpress blog to Gemtext. It could be a matter of time, when end it's free subscriptions. And I won't need to maintain security of Wordpress engine on my own. What is more important I don't use any advanced functionality of that engine, so it's over sized for me.

Gemtext it's also easier way to blog than Jekyll or Hugo. I don't need to migrate from one complicated engine to another.

To read (other capsules, gemlogs, tinylogs, comments)

This is a biggest problem for today because there are no set any common way for handling a feedback. But in my imaginations it would be great if:

Other way of communication

With above way of life maybe we would return to some other way of communication. We wouldn't put it all into big, and small, webpages (or webapps - like Facebook which ate every Internet activity). There would be some e-mail communication, or it would popularize some instant messaging standard like XMPP/Jabber.

Final thoughts

So maybe I really don't need any social app and comments under gemlog posts? I'm thinking about it for a long time. Maybe is some sort of cognitive shock?




@ Sun 02 May 2021 11:17:41 PM CEST

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