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Response to Bacardi55 response [1] and article from smolZINE [2].


I think that such article published in Geminispace has one more interesting side. Even if you are thinking that you have lack of some skills, for sure you are one of few enthusiasts who are using Geminispace. As I wrote in some earlier posts for me the most important part of Geminispace are interesting people.

Using Geminispace means that people are behind standard point of computer user. Maybe they are some professional from IT in their spare time, maybe they are some IT hobbyists, maybe they are students. Every mentioned group has in common that they want to try something new, so they are open minded. The most of them want to share their experience. What is the most important most of them have some own long-backed ideas which they are publishing here.

For me there are no more places like Geminispace where is so easy to find such people in big groups, literally everywhere.

Main thought

According to the main thought which is aimed to people entering in this place with the smallest experience, potentially students. If you are here, you are extraordinary -- as I wrote above.

It's true as mentioned in smolZINE that every work should be properly priced. And of course, what wasn't mentioned is hard to do. Because people without experience don't know how to properly price their job. It's something about Bacardi55 was partially written. The second part of Bacardi55 thought, is also true, that people like to think that some things are obvious for everybody. In most cases it isn't true. Specially in IT, people who have years of experience, have also their point of view (also from years ago), and they are interested in new ideas which, for example, are common knowledge during studying.

But for me, the most important thing is to ask and to talk. Even if you aren't expert in some area, but you want to, for example, work in such one, ask and talk about it. In response you could get some career path, or hints what to do to be in place where you want to be. Without communication skills it could be hard work to do so.

[1] Bacardi55

[2] smolZINE


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