Power of Tinylogs

When we are writing Tinylog, and we are reading Tinylogs in Lace utility [1], we have approached a easy way of microblogging without a special platform for it.

It’s easy to write a new status. It’s convenient to read last statuses of other people. Lace would read any number of feeds and presents them in simple and ascetic way. Lace script is a bit slow because it must read all feeds every time to organize them…

But in slow Internet when we want to do everything in proper time is advantage, not a defect. We want to omit push notifications and obligatory checking for a new statuses every second.

What is more there are no need to build any special infrastructure for it. There are no web apps, nor servers, databases.

In comparison to my Tinylog, yesterday my favorite Mastodon client (Metatext) stopped working on fresh upgraded mastodon.online instance with some “can’t read data - syntax error”. Client bug was connected with last upgrade of instance and it’s shiny new RC version of server. Really, it’s so complicated?

My Tinylog has almost half core functionality without server, and space for such bugs.

[1] friendo.monster/log/lace.gmi


szczezuja.space CC BY-SA

@ Mon 10 May 2021 07:45:57 AM CEST

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