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Continuing on [Jonathan Blow's "Preventing the Collapse of Civilization"] by Alex.

I've watched [YouTube talk by Jonathan Blow] on interesting title about collapsing civilization. Alex's description is very short, so I haven't knew what to expect. I thought that it's some TEDx talk, but at the end I realized that is some game developer's conference. And Jonathan Blow is also game developer, who is responsible for Braid. What is funny I bought Braid some time ago. It was included in one of first Humble Bundle game pack. I was buying them, because it was one of the first Linux's games pack. So I played Braid, and I didn't recognized Jonathan Blow.

The next interesting thing is that proper way, which prevent us from collapsing of civilization is Geminispace. I should guess that Alex will note links about Geminispace. So, why Geminispace? Because it's simple.

Simple things are robust and prevent from every cataclysm. Complicated things are faulty, and they will be forget. Every software today is too complicated, and is operating on high level of abstraction. Most of abstraction levels are black box mechanisms. We don't have any idea how today's operating systems, frameworks are working.

Geminispace is so raw protocol, that there are no much space for complication. As I wrote on Mastodon there are many Geminispace utilities which are build in about 100-200 lines of code. The amount of information which sometimes is put into some pom.xml (file responsible for software project configuration) without any line of real coding.

It's true that today's programmers are slaves of too complicated tools and programming languages, which do the magic.

As I have written in my Polish blog during last years there are no much new things, which we are doing with computers.

So what today's software do better in above categories. In the most cases today's data is more detailed but it isn't any increase in usability. Jonathan Blow counting one day software bugs, which he spotted. Software on computer, on light switcher etc. are faulty.

Jonathan Blow asked why developers use frameworks like Unity to write pixels on a screen? Why developers accepting their position of operating last level of abstraction, without knowledge of real programming and operating of the hardware. But the talk is of course not only about game developers. Every reader of this post on Geminispace do that step. Start to learn of how to use computers on lower levels of abstraction. It will bring only a good things.

[Jonathan Blow's "Preventing the Collapse of Civilization"]

[YouTube talk by Jonathan Blow]


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