Progenitor of the Lace

Accidental discussion about [Lace] on Mastodon have lead to new informations. Lace is the first tinylog aggregator in Geminispace, but there are several progenitors of such way of life. There were life before our Gemini tinylogs. And there were tools for raw text tinylogging.

Least but not last I'm still impressed by Lace. I'm understand that is only execution of some standard Unix command line tools (sed, grep, cat, less, openssl, curls) but it's so clever and so much doing script. And it's only [about 150 lines of code]. So in understanding of Geminispace way the Lace is the most advanced tinylog tool.

I'm thinking also of proper way of translation its name to Polish. I don't feel the original idea. Is it "to lace" like "to lace a shoe"? So our Tinylogs are like Geminispace eyelets? Seems to be the first utility in Geminispace, which name isn't connected to NASA, rocket or space. The second meaning of "lace" is "a fine open fabric of cotton or silk, made by looping, twisting, or knitting thread in patterns". Maybe author is fan of fancy garment trimming. ;-)




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