I'm thinking about tinylogs. I have added structured information in my tinylog header in the Adele's way. In the first moment, I was thinking that it's only some additional information. But after a while, I realised that it's important part of future tinylogging. If we want to build something more than small close friends tinylog-ring, there must be a way to discover new tinylogs. And what is more important, to discover to who other people are responding.

In one of Adele's entries there is mention of "@frrobert @robert @bob". Who are they? What are the addresses of their tinylogs?

I have in my tinylog header, from the starting day, information about "@szczezuja" and [searching for @szczezuja] could give a information about my nickname mentions.

Lucky, the [@frrobert] nickname is unique and searchable, so I get address of source entries. The second, and third nickname is too common for searching. Maybe they should provide more unique nicknames, or adding nickname's header with @ sign will be easier for searching.


[searching for @szczezuja]


szczezuja.space CC BY-SA

@ Sat 29 May 2021 08:12:29 PM CEST

tags: #tinylog, #lace