Vim cont.

I'm still working on [my script]. It is fourth day in a row. I refreshed my Bash scripting skill and enhanced vim commands. So despite some lines of code, which starts to work, it is very inspiring for me.

Today vim's topic is folding.

set foldmethod=indent " For Bash syntax method doesn't work for me.

set foldnestmax=10

set nofoldenable

set foldlevel=2

After above setting in .vimrc command z+a starts to work in Bash script. Folding, and unfolding during vimming is now like breathing.

The second thing is [Bash debugging]. I doubted, but I had run it, and found a lost "exit" command which was source of my issue. I'm impressed how lucky I am today. ;-)

[my script]

[Bash debugging]

tags: #vim, #bash