The way of social feeds consumption

It's interesting that when I think about social feeds consumption, the final thought is always landing at the way how to e-mail clients are working.

I'm upset with information mess in my Mastodon clients. More feeds I am subscribing, more posts are lost. It's impossible to handle hundred of followed accounts in one timeline. When one is publishing one post per month, and second is publishing many posts in one hour. I'd like to see rarely writers, and the most important for me part of frequent writers. When I try to look at my timeline more carefully I must read some posts again and again. When I try to browse hashtags I read posts of new accounts.

Now, I try to look at above problems:

1. Subscriptions should be organized in different groups. As we organise mail in folders (Mastodon supposedly has groups, but I can't use them in such advanced way - for example I should manually organise that groups but the UX/UI of clients isn't prepared for that).

2. We could have rarely writers put into separated groups and got that content displayed in the first order. For now, rarely writers often lost in flood of other posts.

3. We should have indication of read posts. As we have it in mail folders.

4. When we would have some dynamic folders, for example some hashtag search, with above we wouldn't read the same post many times. And I won't see any new accounts.

I don't know, if I am old school computer user, and I can't think beyond 90's. Or that e-mail's way is so good, that we shouldn't thinking about new implementations. For example, in my opinion, the best RSS readers are working like e-mail clients (Google Reader, and now Tiny Tiny RSS).


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