Gopher Novice - Part I.

Stranger in a Strange Land

I am using Gemini protocol from February. I have spotted it on Mastodon. I had thought firstly that it is only interesting thing to look at. Then I decided to write some content. I don’t really know why idea of Gemini is so interesting for me. I was engaged by other inspiring people, who had been lost in “big” Internet and now, can be found around Geminisphere.

Because Gopher is Gemini place of birth, and my adventure with Gemini was so successful (and I had never been using Gopher before), I try to understand it now. I thought that it could be a way for better understanding my phenomenon. Why we start to explore so called small web (like Gemini, or as I understand, like Gopher have been before “big” web, and still is).

Gopher in common understanding is very similar to Gemini:

But after a while in Gophersphere I feel that for me is totally different from Geminisphere.

I have searched [Veronica] (a "Google" of Gophersphere) for "Gemini" and I haven’t found any evidence of Gemini birth place. Only some official content which is available on every protocol.

I asked about it on Mastodon, and responses was as below:

I was thinking that responses would be more. But maybe Gopher users don’t like Mastodon, or they can’t see my post.

So for now I still know nothing about Gopher. I installed a proper client and haven’t found any recent nor useful information. Many people are using Gopher so it must be something in it.

But despite this cognitive failure I observed some things which are distinctive for Gopher, and which are improved in Gemini:

Some articles mentioned that in last years Gopher start to be trendy again, and the total number of its sites has upward trend. I will try to examine this, but for now I think that Gemini has much higher potential of growth and I can’t say nothing about Gopher.



[Gopher Black's]

[list of active Gopher sites]


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