Gopher Novice - Part II.

State of my knowledge

Cont. of [Gopher Novice - Part I].

[Gopher Novice - Part I]

After two weeks of studying Gophersphere I stuck in the same point. I don't have many new information but I'll write the main hypothesis and notes as below:

The source of the Gemini protocol

It is said that Gemini protocol has its source in Gophersphere. Or that Gemini protocol is some how "next Gopher". I've read Solderpunk phlog, and it's less than I had imagined. There are no many other traces of Gemini in Gophersphere.

Solderspunk's realm

Gophersphere is volatile

... but, Gophersphere is volatile. Some articles from phlogs from no more than five years ago are inaccessible now. It's hard to get a copy, like Internet Archive Project for HTTP.

Gopher and TLS

Surprisingly, there are much more discussion about TLS in Gopher protocol. There are many unofficial protocol extensions and so on. This topic need more exploration.

Interesting gopher holes

I was asking about interesting gopher holes, and in response I got some main links as below. Notable is that some small communities (SDF, Zaibatsu, etc.) has some impact on Gemini (, solderpunk@zaibatsu etc.).

The Gopher Lawn - Categorize the interesting part of the gopherspace.

Floodgap Systems'

Floodgap Systems' - Gopher server installed after 1999

The Observable Gopherspace Universe Project

SDF pubnix

Flagship Circumlunar Colony Est. 2018

Gopher zines

I was asking about some zines in Gophersphere. But there are no response. I was thinking that this would be indicator of active part of Gophersphere, and its fresh topic or main active people. This topic need more exploration.


... but, I spotted a conference which has place in Gophersphere in 2021.

Bitreichcon 2021

Gopher apps

I was asking about some apps in Gophersphere. But I didn't get notable examples in response. I notices some direction, which could be explored:



Gopher and Tor

... but, there is much Tor in Gophersphere. I didn't explore nothing which is behind Tor. I got one response on Fediverse that usage of Tor in Gophersphere is for encryption (TLS isn't a standard part of protocol), or for hosting service without public domain.


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