Gopher Novice - Part III.

Cont. of [Gopher Novice - Part II].

Last days I try to do some freestyle Gophersphere browsing. I went back to some Gopher holes, which I had add to my favourites in Lynx. I was searching Veronica. I was trying to have time for reading.

I figured out that on Veronica were many articles which match "why gopher" term. So many people before me was thinking about it, but there are no many longer analysis of that topic. The main answer for that question - [Web, Gopher still remains relevant. -- Cameron Kaiser] - is part of Floodgap FAQ section.

The most interesting and clear is [2021-03-19 A salty post about Gemini]. Despite answering the question, about "what wrong is about Gemini", for me is also talking about "the heart of Gopher life". Gopher for me is like Teotihuacán. It had been built about 90's and abandoned. Current Gopher users are like Aztecs, who came and settled Gophersphere probably in 2000s. And after two decades, there was some hype for Gophersphere. Number of Gopher holes were doubled. New people came, to check what the Gopher is.

The same as Gemini users are, like me, a newcomers for small-net. So in Gophersphere there are a few older users, who are organized in small groups of friends. And a some group of new individuals, which are in the most cases only small-net's noise. There are like Baub Baby had written:

In that same vein, so frequently these fair weather visitors

bring nothing to Gopher for Gopher, often patting themselves on

the back for mirroring their web presence or similar.

But there are also some new communities and [Gopher space is growing]. Some new individuals, are so inspiring that they are creating some new and strong ideas. It's very pleasant to read every content on confederated [Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu], [Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic] and [Mare Crisium Soviet Socialist Regency]. They way of thinking about small-net is inspiring. They came and set together many ideas like finite resources of their servers, setting limit of users in according to [Dunbar's number]. Sending small groups of people to "colonies" for making some projects, which will be improving Gophersphere. It's something like bottom-up learning. Some opposition for anti-social social media.

I think that it migration wave is something new, and it's connected with some new trend for simply life and minimalism. So we are like neo-Gopherspace, the third generation who try to populate this empty land. In the name of small-net, nor Gophersphere or Geminispace.

So, I still don't know what is the essence of 90s and 2000s Gophersphere, I try to continue my analyse of that.

[Gopher Novice - Part II]

[Web, Gopher still remains relevant. -- Cameron Kaiser]

[2021-03-19 A salty post about Gemini]

[Gopher space is growing]

[Mare Tranquillitatis People's Circumlunar Zaibatsu]

[Mare Serenitatis Circumlunar Corporate Republic]

[Mare Crisium Soviet Socialist Regency]

[Dunbar's number]


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