Recent thoughts about small-net and simple life

I haven't written anything in past few days, but I have some thoughts which should be written.


One of the most productive author in small-net is Solène. She is writing almost everyday on many topics, and she has many interesting findings. She is active in Geminispace, and also in Gophersphere. Last days she has been describing, day after day, of [The Old Computer Challenge: day 7].


There are many content aggregators in Geminispace (CAPCOM, Geedit, Sloum's Spacewalk, Midnight Pub, self-curated Comitium instances etc.). But there are only one content aggregators which is self maintained like [Antenna]. You will see new content from authors who want to do so. There won't be any inactive sites, content which isn't approved by authors. Only content which is manually submitted by the author will be listed on that aggregator's page.


The next interesting author in small-net is [Christina's capsule]. She is also active on Geminispace and Gophersphere. Maybe the idea of asking questions, which is similar to chain letters, don't look very revealing. But her capsule by for that questions gather responses from many active, and productive small-net authors.


Third new place, which aggregate content form various author, is [Tinylog timeline generated by gtl] hosted by Bacardi55. This page is a good start point to go into Tinylogs. This topic is, in last days, a bit less popular, but there are some number of active Tinylogs and now it's easy way of looking at it.

toot tui

I've started reading Gemini hashtag on "toot tui" command. It's convenient with "g" + "public hashtag timeline". TUI version of [toot - Mastodon CLI client] has some interesting features, and for me it's above average of CLI tools. As I have written, I had problem with following of Gemini's content on Mastodon. This way fit into my workflow.


I've migrated back to mcabber, from Profanity IM.


I started to learn emacs. I am planning to write something about it. It's not my first attempt to do so. For now there aren't too much to write about.

But while I was looking for some good entry tutorial (not impersonal shortcuts list) for emacs, I thought that maybe I will summary my vim adventures.

[The Old Computer Challenge: day 7]


[Christina's capsule]

[toot - Mastodon CLI client]

[Tinylog timeline generated by gtl]


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