Nobody expect that on Geminispace would be asked question about art. What is an art? I am noting link to [My Little Art Manifesto] by Deerbard and some discussion about it. It's mainly about turning our interests back to art. Habits which were abandoned in the routine of life. Today I won't continue this discussion, but I will add two new thoughts.

Spontaneus Combustion

I'm not very frequent art galleries visitor, but I try to visit the most know places. I was several times in the biggest ones, like Louvre Museum in Paris, and other capital cities. I try to visit also galleries in Warsaw where I live. Warsaw is big enough to watch Rothko's paintings (which were popularised by Mad Men TV Series).

But the biggest impression made on me some sculpture in museum of contemporary art in Warsaw. Probably it isn't the most recognized artist, nor sculpture. I was walking through small rooms of this gallery, and I came across (literally) into it. The room was empty with white walls, and the black sculpture situated in the place which isn't visible at the first moment after entering the room.

It was something surreal to be surprised by [Spontaneus Combustion by Olaf Brzeski]. The first feeing was that room is empty. The second that there were some malfunction or accident. Why they hadn't clean that? After a few seconds I was knowing that it's some artistic vision. But that few first seconds were interesting. I think that it moved me in some new way.


There are many IT people here. Some time ago I've read some article about designers of computer systems that it could be also qualified as art. Every designer would do it in different way. So beside raw materials like line of texts in some computer language, some data structures, some organisation of components there is also a way of express our self. We have computer games considered as art - [Dwarf Fortress at The Museum of Modern Art in New York]. Maybe in future there will be there some computer program.

[My Little Art Manifesto]

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[Spontaneus Combustion by Olaf Brzeski]

[Dwarf Fortress at The Museum of Modern Art in New York]


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