Is today's shape of apps was inevitable? (Part III)


In previous posts I mentioned that today's apps are in many cases less complicated than old school apps from pre-mobile era. I analysing two clues. First that people are less educated, so apps must be adjusted to their level of computer knowledge. Second that mobile and web apps technology brought some technical limitations, which have been set as standard in today's apps.

In last days there are lot discussion about that [Apple Confirms It Will Begin Scanning iCloud Photos for Child Abuse Images]. People as usual start to write some open letters, signing them, and of course encouraged to stop buying Apple devices. For me, although the overall concerns are right, that activities are wasting time. Talking that people should stop buying Apple devices is childish.

Of course it's true that some people could use F-Droid phones and apps. But for the most of people it isn't too easy and require accepting many limitations. Apple is making good devices, which are 50% of sales worldwide. It isn't any magic, they do good hardware and they support software for many years. People want to pay for that.

Returning the main topic of today's shape of apps I was thinking that instead that: open letters, signing and talking about unreal, we should set some discussion what is the real needs for mobile users. Today's needs are created by GAFA companies, and people are like laboratory mice in maze.

For example Google launched Google Reader (a RSS aggregator) in 2005, and retired it in 2013, and it is interested in RSS again in 2021. Article from 2013 are saying that retire was caused by declining number of users. As I remember 2013 I had been said that it's hard to monetize RSS workflow. Business decisions which have impact on everyone (many pages withdrew RSS feeds, and many new users don't know what RSS feed is).

The same thing with Apple and Google ideas of machine image processing. Maybe it's interesting idea for developers but if is it real people need to have such functionality in their gallery app? "There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" - so every functionality has cost impact on device price. So we are paying for some developers experiments.

And when it will come to some real needs of users (like RSS) there won't be any chance for discussion about it. The whole discussion between users and companies is like in feudal or imperial system - one direction, from companies to people. So we need good software and good devices, but we also should use it in our manner. Not like as someone told us to do.

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