Gopher Novice - Part IV.

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Two months

It's about two months of Gophersphere browsing. I've realised that first occasional experiments became small habit. I like to look at [Bongusta] aggregator. I was using the most obvious gopher browser - lynx.

Lagrange beautifulness

But lats week I figured out that [Lagrange] is supporting Gemini and Gopher protocol. The bigger and nicer surprise is that also Lagrange for mobiles support Gopher protocol. This discovery moved whole Gophersphere a bit closer because it's easier to look at it on mobile, instead of mindlessly staring at social-media in every time when I waiting for e.g. bus etc.

Lagrange is know for its beautiful UI, and beautifulness is the same for both of protocols displayed on mobile screen. This new form of presentation for Gopher content makes it's more modern. I've started to look at it more often.

Gopher (21st century) state is stable

One of the Gopher pros is that (now) its state is "stable". There are only that people who want to be here, everything else were lost years ago. There are no many experimental pages nor phlogs. So when we are reading something there, for sure there almost endless archive next to it. Geminispace is something opposite to it, there are much more content, but it's like living inside some simulated annealing algorithm. So there are many capsules, gemlogs, sometimes with only a few posts. It's seems that Geminispace is changing all the time. Geinispace is still creating its foundations. Many people are joining, and many of them are abandoning, or putting to sleep, their projects.

Gopher was volatile even in 2003

In the same time Gopher is volatile. I've written it before but referencing present time. But its volatilization seems to have long history. I spotted [Gopher Manifesto 2000-2002] and most of its linked content has gone. I must look at available (literally, eg. [2007 Gopherspace Mirror]) archives of Gopher. Easier is looking at archives of WWW. One of the WWW links noted in manifesto was [Surfing... Gopherspace by Bob Brand 2003] where we can see:

(...) Gopherspace and Veronica are on the critical list. When you read this, they may already be dead. Many links have been broken. This piece of the Internet quickly slips into c-history. Lost but not forgotten by the old timers. (...)

So in 2003 "the Old Timers" of Gophersphere were aware that most of content has gone. Articles like manifesto, which describe its state and life inside it, are rare, and time travelers, as I, can't easily see that state of Gophersphere. I don't know what is the oldest Gophersphere mirror. In [2006 QUUX Gopher Mirror] I see in description some 2002 dates, so it's at least before creation time of cited sentence. It's probably don't enough.

It would be great to organise some Gopher archive like do it for webpages. Not inside archive file, but available from small-net. With some kind of fancy timeline.

Gopher, Gemini, and the rise of the small Internet

Also last week, I spotted also on Mastodon article [Gopher, Gemini, and the rise of the small Internet]. I've read it and start thinking about my being a newbie in Gophersphere. I started to thinking that maybe I know a bit more than today's novice. I was here and there. I have my point of view on it. I have some habit. So I am promoted to the next level.

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[Gopher, Gemini, and the rise of the small Internet]

[Gopher Manifesto 2000-2002]

[Surfing... Gopherspace by Bob Brand 2003]

[2007 Gopherspace Mirror]

[2006 QUUX Gopher Mirror]


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