Planned undiscoverability of small sites

In response to [The Small Website Discoverability Crisis].

I try to make title of this post as opposite state for the / one. I understand the context and the original idea. I am observing a degradation of blogosphere. And I'm also trying to write, as I say, old-school blog since 2004. This is blogging which is described as "discouraging to put work into a website and get next to no traffic beyond the usual bots". But, which I always treated as writing for my own.

I was thinking in the same way, that for the most of people is discouraging to be small, and that is the main problem. Because the most people, which try to be big, also start to be boring. For example is joyful and inspiring to others to write, and to read, several posts in one month. But it's hard to do the same with some imposed, for example, one post per day limit. But without everyday activity our site would be low-ranked. And things seem to be unsolvable.

The new point of view came here, in Geminispace and Gophersphere. As I've written [Infiniteness obscuring the field of vision]. It isn't true that we should be able to read all the net, and know all the most interesting sites. It's new cyber manner, that we should do so, because computers are able to do that. So we are looking always the best thing, the cheapest shop, the most active news site, the most followed social-media publisher. Of course this is some illusion, and of course there can't be such things.

More beneficial in the long term will be building stronger, but not so wide interactions. So it could be some planned idea to be undiscoverable. To be visible only in narrow area of the net. What could help us be more natural, and to do things mainly for our and others joy.

I was thinking of something similar to city district map. When people are aware of whole city closeness, the context of the rest of the world, but they mark the most important local points on the map. The local bakery, grocery and so on. With that pointlessness of making it more global - for example it's without sense to make the best bakeries in the whole city, because the most natural way is to choose the closest good one.

So the whole idea of map of the closest net should be different from aggregator like / and without aspirations of being big.

I like idea "Simple federated bookmarking" mentioned by / Maybe it's the different name for old-schools blogrolls? I also like the idea of [Antenna] but I don't know how it will look like with increasing popularity.

[The Small Website Discoverability Crisis]

[Infiniteness obscuring the field of vision]



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