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It's some kind response to myself and my post [Re: Why use Gemini?], but I had read an article [On leaving Gemini: a friendly farewell] and start to think about this topic again. Why use Gemini?

Those things I described in original response seem to be still correct. But maybe it's really just a computer freak fad? All that people who are writings engines for migration from one technology to another, and then back again? Not really.

I discovered on myself, that the idea of text-only web is tempting. Browsing through text-mode browser, or graphical one, through the essence of core-information soup is inspiring. In the most cases we don't need whole decoration which is a common thing today. Maybe we were knowing that in early 90's, when everybody were laughing at pink-background pages with marquee tag. But we can't easily notice this today. The hype for black mode interfaces is insane. We could do this once, if we'd have Gemini separation of information from presentation. Instead this, we re-coloring pages, and we are thinking that one color is more cool than other.

As described, in known sentence on [Project Gemini] site, Gemini protocol:

Is heavier than gopher / Is lighter than the web / Will not replace either

but it could be long awaited idea for restoring discussion about Gopher heritage. Because it could be inevitable, that then graphical representation of information won. But it could be the correct time to think about it again. Now we are able to do thing in every direction, there are no limitations which had bring Gopher to life, and now is the time, when everyone could knowingly rethink the strengths of WWW, which made Gopher to die. It couldn't be done with going back to smelling of antiquities Gopher again. So we have brand new protocol to start from the beginning.

To support my thesis that sometimes we don't need all WWW's achievements is that many of people has always been putting the simples CSS for their websites. It's so popular that they are whole bunch of minimalistic themes. I have minimalistic theme for my blog since beginning of 2000's. So people are going about abandoning responsibility for appearance for long time. But they have to do it anyway. They are creating special themes, lite version of sites, try to parse pages and generate their text representation etc.

There is also a political movement of tidying a WWW mess with The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or e-services, which provide public data with no limitations and with possibility for reusing them. They are talking about the natural thing in Gemini, so maybe that paths would intersect in the future.

So it could be next argument for not leaving Gemini. Popularising its base point of view could be worth it.

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