Don't be like a developer

The common thing in small-net is to talk about slow content consumption. So we are against fast and shallow social-media trend, like-system, and instant commenting. Instead of this we want to read longer written forms, take time to think and write thoughtful answer. This is the user side of how the Internet is working today. Users can choose what is better for them. Sometimes is hard to change own habits, because social-media implements some mechanism which are using knowledge of how our mind is working (dopamine's reward system). But at the end is our decision.

The many of forward-thinking person here are developers who are creating apps like social-media ones mentioned above. And the most of such apps are totally not thought out. So developers could do some a revolution in the way of thinking about them, because many of them are thinking in different way.

Some time ago I joined My Heritage site. They provide service for the construction of a family tree, and matching our relatives with other families trees. This site could be called professional because they invest into digitalizing some historical records etc. to help their users find ancient ancestors. I've choose it because it's theme is in a natural way connected with being slow. Building a family tree is occupation for decades.

But the whole technical side of this service is crafted in the traditional way. So our e-mail box (it could be also our phone by SMS!) is spammed by every update occurred there. Reminders about anniversaries, hundreds of updates about matching the same person in hundreds of other family trees. The main duty of their user is to clean up their mailboxes. Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit but updates are to often, as for the genealogy service in my opinion. If we are creating our family tree during years, we don't need updates with one second precision.

Of course the same mechanism is implemented in many services. So we are getting immediate e-mails about every action on our Git repositories and the like, "necessary" things. Such mail updates system seems to be inseparable thing of every "modern" service.

Because I like to have "Inbox Zero" situation in my e-mail box so every day I must swipe several times to mark that mails as done. It isn't spam, because I'm scanning them very fast. But they can by grouped.

The main cause of that situation is because developers programmed that treated people like database trigger or table row. Nobody would complain because nothing will be lost, every bit would be provided to user with no delay. And of course we don't have to read that e-mails. So for what they are? They should help user to be informed, not flooded.


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