Expectancy of frequent content producing

I haven't had too much free time in past weeks. I have been trying to check new content on Geminispace and Gophersphere, but very often there were too much them for me. The worse situation were only on Fediverse, but it's usual thing, that is too much content from followed people there (I try to omit everything except #gopher and #gemini tag).

I'm thinking about some better way of reading new content. It's very common thing that I'd like to read some subset of articles form some site. But I subscribed to the whole feed, and I'm overwhelmed by the rest of content. Sometimes I'm forgetting why I subscribed to some feed before I had time to read things I subscribed for.

I'm looking at popular way of organising content on Gophersphere, where many phlogs have numbered list (001-title, 002-title, 003-title... ) for entries, rather than popular on Geminispace chronological list (yyyy-mm-dd-title ...). The second way of organising content could make some impact on author, to write more often. For example to fill some chronological gap, at least one post in one month etc.

It is some common way of readers that inactive blog is some unhealthy situation and that older entries aren't worth of reading, because they are outdated. So writers often produce some content only for producing one.

So maybe mentioned idea of numbered list of entries is better. It's hiding chronology, which seem to be not important at all. Maybe it's natural way to slow down with producing new content.


szczezuja.space CC BY-SA

Sat 30 Oct 2021 03:21:32 PM CEST

tags: #people