Re: Do you write about non-technical stuff on your gemlog?

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In my memories the most positive thoughts of blogging are connected with one of the Polish platform It was about five years, starting about 2004. It was platform build around XMPP (then, Jabber) protocol. There were many technical people, who were engaged into software projects around that protocol, their friends (also non-IT people). The main page of that service were presenting last blogs entries, which were in majority technical flavoured, but there were also popular (and actively commented) ordinary blogs about family and life. That were fertile place for interesting discussions and ideas. And such places were rare around 2004, the most of blogging platforms were dominated by pink teen-blogs etc.

I have been always curious why that platform were so successful. Or, if it was real successful, or that is only some projection of my mind because that were my first years of blogging.

It's funny but after years I came here, I found Geminispace and the atmosphere here is very similar to It's mainly technical soup, with many interesting non-IT findings. It seems to be inspiring for many people. It's gathering many people who were scattered around "big net".

Returning to the main point, and the question. It's nice to write, and to read non-technical stuff here (the most commented were my post about Dwarf Fortress computer game), but it could be that we should care also about that technical atmosphere, which could be easily omitted. There will be some changes in the future, they will be many new comers. But with thinning out technical atmosphere we could lost the main driving force of Geminispace.

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