Happy New Year for small-net community!

It's almost year of my existence in Geminispace, and interest of small-net. I wish a Happy New Year for whole small-net community, what is an essential thing for Geminispace, Gophersphere and every idea connected with being "small".

Passing year was a great journey for me. I figured out many aspects of it hidden world. I learn how to use new tools and protocols for regular basis. So maybe theoretically I knew many of that before, but practically everyday use of them improved my proficiency in that area.

I wish also small-net community to be still so inspiring. There are many people on Geminispace, Gophersphere and Fediverse who are always worth to read. I wish to read their all phlogs, gemlogs, tinylogs, finger statuses and so on.

One of the key ideas of small-net is to learn. To learn how the big-net is polluted and full of distractions. To learn how to avoid it by using, sometimes so basic, computer skills which seem to be outdated. Awareness of pointless bloat of big-net, that endless layers of abstractions and dependence on everything except yourself.

I wish small-net ideas will expand in a New Year, and cover more and more aspects. I wish it involve more and more people. Knowledge would empower real people, and serve our real needs. That should avoid us from news like that [BlackBerry OS Devices Will Stop Working On January 4, 2022] - that business decisions control a way that people act and think.

[BlackBerry OS Devices Will Stop Working On January 4, 2022]


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@ Sun 02 Jan 2022 02:38:34 PM CET

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