BBOARD - Version 23

At the there is internal command called `bboard`. I am must be still very young because I had never seen something like it before. For me is like previous version of Usenet, and it could be something like it from the BBS era. I had never connected to BBS.

So inside `bboard` I entered `HELP` command, to check what is going on there. Because I'm looking for Gopher protocol information I have chosen `GOTO GOPHER` command, which was listed in output of previous one. After that, there wasn't so obvious. To display post, which is called there as "bulletin", we must use `TYPE` command with post's ID number. The last one was a piece of cake - `POST` command to post a new post.

After that I successfully posted there. I will wait for the responses.


@ Sun 23 Jan 2022 07:33:44 PM CET

tags: #pubnix, #sdf, #bboard