Gopher and Fediverse

I haven't been aware that for almost four years (sic!) Pleroma has as [Alternative client protocols] functionality of [Gopher Support]. I did research, went through many sources, articles, phlogs and so on, and I haven't spotted that earlier.

We can look at [ stats for Pleroma] and we can see that is about one thousand of servers, and about 80 000 of users. I don't know how many of them have Gopher support.

On the screens we can see, that interface is allowing us:

I don't know if it's convenient to manually browse posts without ability of being logged in. I don't found any information about logging functionality in the Gopher alternative interface.

But I thought out one killer functionality, we could link to own account from Gophersphere, without need to put HTTPS links. It makes sense, that someone who is visiting our Gopher hole, could take a look of our posts in Fedvierse without need of changing browser. I don't know if it's a real world example.

There is of course always that sort of question: if people in small-net are interested to social-app ported to small-net, in place of the phlogs and other native solutions?

[Alternative client protocols]

[Gopher Support]

[ stats for Pleroma]


@ Sun 13 Feb 2022 05:18:23 PM CET

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