One year on Gemini

Inspired by [1 year of gemini by Bacardi55], and possible several other Geminauts who celebrate their first year in Geminispace. It's interesting that many of people from the closest Geminispace started their journey from the similar point of time. Today I am celebrating one year here.

I wasn't fed up with the big-web in a special way. Of course I don't use Web as the average user, I omit the parts of it, which I don't need. And accidentally I saw something about Geminispace. It wasn't a special plan, and in the beginning I try to avoid spending here to much time.

It wasn't also technical or privacy need. I'm aware of how the big-web is working, especially in that less well-done parts which could be dangerous for their users. I used to that.

It was a bit of a case that I might have missed.

Only after a long moment, as I've written in some posts before, the main aspect were people. I was searching in general for, what I call it, old-school bloggers. Blogs, which are like decades ago. It's hard to find them in the big-web, but surprisingly it's easy to find them in small-net. Geminispace, and as I found later Gophersphere, are full of people who are old-school bloggers. Gemini as the technical ground is common base for they activities. I'm back in 2000's! So we are in the best times of the big-web.

After one year It's worth to say that Geminispace makes it easier to see that the web is varied and heterogeneous. It's opposition to atmosphere of the big-web where everything seems to be packed into Facebook (and other GAFA) soup. Where we almost don't have options to choose - for example is it worth to exists outside Facebook pages? Taking it as the greatest achievement that is impossible to argue with. But without whole that billions of dollars it is possible to create a new protocol, many great tools, and gather many writers and readers around it. It wasn't so hard? It's like learning to light a fire again with a tinder.

[1 year of gemini by Bacardi55]


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