Enlightenment in Emacs

Today's day must be noted. I experienced enlightenment in Emacs. I have been aware of everything. I had been trying Emacs several times, and had been installing it many times more. But today's attempt was groundbreaking. Everything seems to be clear, of course I know only a little. And I didn't even make any editor configuration for myself. But I start to understand it.

I've been looking many of tutorials. They could be less important than we think, and of course there is full manual inside Emacs. It's funny to advise somebody who doesn't know nothing to use manual inside what you are learning. So there must be some sort of guide.

I started from installing the [Elpher] browser. It's canny to use complicated program, as the Emacs is, in some basic way. I've learned `M-x package-install`, and then `M-x elpher`, and `C-x C-c` for quitting. And that is enough. I wasn't sure if so complicated shortcut for quitting is good thing.

Today I came through [Practical Emacs Tutorial] and realised that `M-x` key is the essence of Emacs. And there are many functions, which could by executed by `M-x`. So we have for example:

And what is more, we have supporting functions:

That's all. You are fully independent in Emacs. If we suspect there is a buffer list function then we can do `M-x describe-function` RET `list-buffers` (with function name completion) what we see as output, is where described also `C-x C-b` key shortcut and so on.

Piece of cake!

[Practical Emacs Tutorial]



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@ Sat 19 Mar 2022 06:18:17 PM CET

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