Sunday coffee

It's good to have some time on the weekend to have a cup of coffee and surf the small-net at the same time. Small pleasures and rituals.


I've tried many ways for preparing coffee. It seems that the most balanced way, in aspect of inputs to effects, is coffee pot. Coffee pot is simple tool, which is is designed to always make good coffee. We put always the right amount of coffee and water. Coffee pot produces the right pressure. We taste good coffee.

The pressure of coffee isn't the same as big coffee machine, but it's enough to taste in very similar way. Comparison of coffee machine and coffee pot is like a big-net to small-net. It's close enough, and without cluttering the kitchen space.

You should also know that the preparation of coffee requires the right proportions of coffee and water (for real espress as in ["certified Italian espresso"] outlined by the Italian Espresso National Institute). However, we do not have to bother with them, because the construction of the coffee maker takes care of it for us.

For me, the coffee ritual is also a manual grinder and a suitable cup. A white cup, especially for espresso.


Sitting in a good mood you can start unhurriedly surfing the text-based web. Sipping your (almost) espresso.

["certified Italian espresso"]


@ Sun 20 Mar 2022 10:45:13 AM CET

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