Listen to the radio and live without commercials

I was surprised by myself some days ago. I hadn't remembered if the public radio channel, which I was listening to some years ago, has advertisements. My current everyday radio station doesn't broadcast any commercials. I used to good things so much, that I have lost touch with reality. After all, most TV channels and radio stations broadcast advertising in large amounts.

But the situation in Poland is in some cases interesting, so I must write about it. Like the rest of the world, most private TV channels and radio stations are serving commercials. Probably as the rest of the world, also public TV channels and radio are serving some commercials. Theoretically, there are some limits for public broadcasters. But, we have also two quite big and successful broadcasters born on Patronite.

[Radio Nowy Świat] with about 30 000 patrons and income of more than 3 000 000 euros, and [Radio 357] with about 40 000 patrons and income of about 2 500 000 euros. It is said that two radio stations, which were created from bottom to up by people, with so much money collected by people, it's a unique thing in the world. I am contributing monthly to one of them also.

So I am listening to the like-traditional radio (on the Internet) which has an all-day schedule. With professional radio editors, many music genres, types of radio programs. There are also some Polish radio stars, which have recognizable and had an impact on the radio market in Poland. With original content produced by them. But without advertisements. It can spoil you. This situation could go on forever.

[Radio Nowy Świat]

[Radio 357]


@ Thu 24 Mar 2022 06:47:38 PM CET

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