Sunday coffee - Part II

Cont. [Sunday coffee].

I noticed that a slow-coffee topic had got some attention here.

I had discussed my way of preparing the best coffee at home, without too much effort and too big equipment. As I said, for the best espresso-like coffee in that category, I've chosen the coffee pot. Later I was thinking, that I hadn't been too precise and I should use the Moka pot name instead of Coffee pot. It is worth to saying also, that I like original [Bialetti] stuff. Sometimes other brands, I had been using, seem to have some construction problems. It is so simple design, that there isn't there is no room for compromise. Also, the price of the original Bialetti's Moka pots is not excessive.

But what if we are cappuccino gourmets? Making a cappuccino in seems to require a professional coffee machine, with enough pressure to warm, and to froth the milk.

It isn't hard to do the same cappuccino at home, without any special equipment. We must only remember:

When practiced, it only takes a few moments. The effect is the same as in the cafe. You can also froth so-called vegetable milk, which are labeled as coffee milk.

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