Re: Stepping away from Gemini

Stepping away from Gemini

I had been writing about it earlier. Many of the Gemininauts who I am reading had their one-year anniversaries in the last months. The same I. Many people joined the Geminispace around begging of 2021, or it’s only my projection and I’m focused on that date because I also joined the Geminispace then.

Naturally, many people are quitting the Geminispace. It’s always up to you if you want to be somewhere. Gemini protocol isn’t any kind of magic, which healed any sort of disturbance of the big-net. It’s only a protocol. Description of how things are going to be interchanged over the net.

But for me, naturally, we are writing about Gemini mainly over Gemini. We want to have "everything" that is on the big-net. Reflection of that world in a small-net manner. Every person are discovering it on their own and starts writing about that discoveries. It could be secondary things, writing again and again. But if we should stop it? I don’t think so.

But what is the main thing in the Geminispace? I’m always repeating that the answer is people. Gemini protocol gathered people who were attracted by its idea. It isn’t only loving to the protocol specification. It needs to explore the forgotten world, of the so-called, small-net. We won’t find each other on the big-net. It’s hard to find any old-school bloggers there. Big-net is dominated by products of GAFA monopolies. That products are creating needs of people in the natural for commerce way. There is not much space for ideas that people are attracted here.

So Geminispace is a bottom-up platform for growing ideas behind small-net. The plea that every person is writing only their software (Gemini server and client) is miss understanding. It’s confirmation of small-net ideas, that there isn’t a need to have 100 developers to create a tool. Software like Apache, IIS, Firefox, Chrome, and so on, are wasting resources. If you want and have enough time, you can do the tools by yourself. From that swarm of ideas, projects in progress, and released small-solutions we could choose what we consider appropriate. Projects like Lagrange, Antenna, Lace or GTL, Station, Offpunk, Konpeito (and many which I forgot to describe here) were born here, and probably they wouldn’t be, without small-net’s atmosphere.

So you can do everything that Gemini protocol is offering in a big-net manner. Gemini protocol doesn’t give you any solutions which are better from the technical point of view. But it could be hard to be there with such an audience of people thinking in a small-net way.


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