ThinkPad T530

I am using a ThinkPad T530 laptop, which I bought brand new. It was shipped with Windows 7, but from the first time, I installed Ubuntu. I'm using this OS from the beginning of Ubuntu distribution and my everyday GNU/Linux usage. There were two laptops before this Thinkpad. The last one is now ten years old, and it let me down almost two years ago. It shook the entire look on GNU/Linux of my own. Because after the last upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS it failed all the way.

I had been doing many dist-upgrades, in the early years to almost every alpha, and beta version. Later due to a lack of free time for the LTS version. And latest upgrade leads to the situation where OS stops to support properly graphical and a WiFi card. I tried to figure out the cause, but the quick fixes didn't work. I had read about `backport-iwlwifi-dkms` which should support my Intel card. I had been proud of Intel hardware, because of its hassle-free support of GNU/Linux. So it was shocking to me that it stopped working in the LTS version. I didn't have free time, and WiFi support and the whole OS is terribly slow because of a problem with the graphical card. And I gave up for many months.

Today I accidentally fixed it up by switching from kernel 5.4 (GA) to 5.13 (HWE). I was afraid of doing this, because I had been thinking that situation could be only worse, but it isn't. I still had a problem with `backport-iwlwifi-dkms` on 5.13, but it isn't necessary. The problem with graphic card is also solved. Everything that I saw on /, which confirmed to me that there could be a problem with the hardware support, isn't true for me.

So I bring this machine back to the GNU/Linux world. I put my specification probe to the public as below.


@ Sun 12 Jun 2022 07:16:13 PM CEST

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