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In the first words, I'm happy that Matto is mentioned in [smolZINE - Issue 28] and he is publishing on the Geminispace. We were mailing about one article on his Gopherhole, and as I saw then, he had been publishing only there, and on the Web.

Backing to the main topic, after my [Enlightenment in Emacs] I'm still using Vim and Emacs at the same time. I've organized it by some use cases. I'm using Emacs for Gophersphere, with Elpher for reading, and as an editor for writing. I've choosen Emacs for writing because it has superior text alignment functions, as I've written in [Emacs and Gopher].

It isn't a problem to do all tasks in Emacs, but the rest things I'm writing in Vim. Sometimes Vim can be better to do some things, for example, it has a better auto-completion function. In Emacs, there isn't a built-in function like Vim's CTRL+N dialog. Some corresponding functions, like for eg. spelling, are still handier in Vim for me. Separating modes in Vim are cool on the one hand and not on the other. Sometimes is more natural to just write text, as in Emacs.

Of course, Vim and Emacs are two different worlds, with several totally different base concepts. Emacs goes outside an editor area as a full programming environment, while Vim is mainly a text editor with a (advanced) plugin system. And it's ok, I can live with both of them.

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