Astrobotany plant ring

I had written earlier that it would be great to have a finger interface for checking plants on Astrobotany. It's sometimes a waste of time to check every plant of our interest. Sometimes it's hard to remember all plants of our friends. So I could use my [finger] to check them all at the one time. But there isn't finger support on Astrobotany.

On the other hand, the Gemini protocol is thought to automate simple tasks. So we can in an easy way parse every page and to summary information that we are interested in. So I've written a second script [astrobotany] which is doing that.

So every time we ran the script, we are launching the Gemini browser of our choice (for eg. amfora) with Astrobotany links in water status order, from the most withering plants. The link of every line is set to the app page, where a user with a valid certificate could water that plant. Swiftly and with style, as Monsieur Alfonse was saying.




@ Sun 19 Jun 2022 03:37:10 PM CEST

tags: #astrobotany, #bash, #script, #cli