Ancient Domains Of Mystery (ADOM)

I have two text UI games which I love. I had played them once, then I was playing them many times through time, and I can always play them again. It doesn't matter if I haven't played them for some time, because I'm feeling always like I am at home. One of that games I described almost a year ago in [Dwarf Fortress]. The second one is [ADOM].

I don't remember how I started to play. ADOM is so old that in my memories it's convergent with the beginning of the PC's gaming era. I must read about it in one Roguelike-games article. Why did I start to play the text UI game? Probably because I'm writing many simple text games of life in BASIC. With colorful ASCII characters. So the ADOM must had been looking very familiar to me. But all of this is unclear now. Especially that there were many games, with hi-res graphics mode, which I also want to play then. For unknown reasons, however, I played in ADOM.

There were many attempts. In ADOM you must learn how to survive.

And probably you will die in the wilderness attacked by a group of wolfs. And again, and again the same. You must start from the nearest town and the first cave. The next caves aren't for a newbie. So you aren't allowed to enter the Tower of Eternal Flames without protection from the heat. You will search the Dwarftown, and if you wouldn't be prepared you will also die. If you don't die, a curse awaits you when you will spot a karmic lizard. ADOM was created before the special game term "iron mode" was invented, and after the death the save file is automatically deleted.

I didn't play ADOM for a few years, and I've discovered that there is a graphic version now. I've chosen the ASCII one again, and I was surprised that there were many improvements also. So now playing in ADOM is so comfortable. There are many hints of useful in current situation keybindings. And there is 0 key, what is something like an autopilot for rougelike games.

[Dwarf Fortress]



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