The calming session

Sometimes a day is too short for every planned activity or we don't have enough energy to complete them all. I had been abroad for some time, and shortly before that, I couldn't focus on the small-net routines. The result was less visible writing here. And when you aren't regularly in, you start to become out. So I start missing more and more entries of Antenna and Bongusta aggregators. And I stop responding to the Cosmos threads. My capsule is moving in space silently and is invisible.

But it wasn't that I did nothing. I've tuned up my Astrobotany script, which frees me from the obligation to water the plant. I didn't want to kill my plant like Deerbard, but I was also a little fed up with looking after it. The Tamagotchi of the Geminispace is now operated from crontab, and the script is available on my Git repository.

Despite this, I had felt like being outside of the Geminispace. I started thinking that maybe the feeling was gone and the routine was here. That's how many around, I got tired. No, it wasn't that!

Yesterday I sat at my table, with my second laptop (Linux one). It's bigger, and I haven't used it frequently. I've set the terminal application to full-screen mode, and then I've connected to my remote text-only environment. I'm browsing the Geminispace and Gophersphere from my mobile, tablet, and sometimes from GUI (Lagrange browser) but the most satisfying sessions I always made from the text mode.

The screen is big, and the text on the larger laptop is sharp and in the color theme which I feel more old school, there is only tmux with many windows and panes. It isn't any fancy mobile screen with unnecessary decorations.

The tmux panes and windows are set in the order of choice. I did as always read of weather forecast from script, reading from GTL, and a short look at I looked at my mail on the by neomutt. The next I refreshed my Comitium feed, and start browsing it in Elpher browser. It is always different with this, sometimes it seems more interesting to me is Geminispace, another time Gophersphere. Yesterday I browsed more the second one. It made me move quicker and quicker, so I add short status to my Tinylog and to my Gopherhole. I also browsed Mastodon #gopher and #gemini hashtag feeds.

Because I was locked in the text mode, I start to adopting to it after such a long break. It's like an eye in a dark room. After a while, I feel satisfied and calm. There were so many interesting topics, and the text presentation is attractive. In the end, I went to the, where I picked up some interesting accounts and the quote of the day (mentioned on my Tinylog).


@ Sun 09 Oct 2022 07:33:29 PM CEST

tags: #life, #cli, #text