We are obscured

I visited friends. We have common interests, but many of them are separate. Many of them also have some affiliation with IT. We were sitting around a big table and chatting. There were many topics of discussion, but that wasn't a chitchat. Often there was some research studies theme, and there were many serious information source.

One of the side topic of that discussion was blogging. The most of them took for granted that there are no blogs today. That there are no any people who will read two screens of text on a computer screen. That that times has gone.

I didn't want to start discussion from the technical side so I began to say carefully that maybe places like Neocities are an example of how otherwise. There was not much understanding of this topic. Perhaps they were not prepared to make such a discovery.

So we are obscured. The idea of make a step backward to the neo-WWW, or text-based Internet of Gopher or Gemini isn't attractive for everyone. Even for a group of curious people.



@ Fri 21 Oct 2022 09:59:24 PM CEST

tags: #smallnet, #gemini, #neocities