Fediverse is growing

There is a long discussion about Twitter on the Internet. As the result, we are observing that many users joined Fediverse. Fediverse is very varied, so it's hard to measure that. But it is said for eg. by [Mastodon Users Bot] that in the last week there were almost 700,000 new users on Mastodon. It's about 10% of the overall user base. It has an impact on every server, and probably on every timeline, there were many introductions and new faces. Of course, in comparison to the 238,000,000 Twitter user base, it isn't a big deal. However, one can risk a statement that these are the users who are closest to the idea of Fediverse. Because they were able to make an effort to change their habits. The rest of the users could change their minds as a snowball effect, the last and biggest group of them will be the least important event. They will do what they will have to do after collapsing Twitter.

I'm active on Fediverse for about two years. It isn't a very long time. I never was a social-media man. I never had been active on Twitter or Facebook. I don't need a social-media in the most common sense. Mastodon is important for me because I got to know about Gemini there. I'm mainly browsing #Gopher and #Gemini hashtags because it's easier to get the latest information. It's probably the easiest way to interact with the biggest groups of small-net users, besides the small net. It's a handy tool for that.

With 700,000 new users I thought about looking at the #Gemini, #Gopher, and #Finger hashtags on Mastodon, and... there isn't increased activity there. So I'm happy that there are many new users, but that wave isn't important to me. It will change Fediverse, but probably in the other direction. Maybe there will be more politics, artists, writers, filmmakers, and USA presidents... but it probably won't be more small-net content there. I was joking some time ago that the #Gemini hashtag on Twitter is looking different from that on Mastodon. So how it will look in the future?

I've realized that, and it isn't good information. The current situation is like a special breeding ground for rare bacteria. The thought of a small network is slowly developing. Information rarely infects a new user. By increasing the surface of the experiment, we only dilute the essences. Despite the larger base, the development will slow down.

The good thing is that there are special instances of Mastodon, like for eg. sdf.org and other Pubnixes. Maybe to reconcile users and their needs there will be introduced features with Local timeline, than Federated ones, in the future. Or maybe we are observing changes, which will be made small-net discussion go somewhere else?

[Mastodon Users Bot]


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@ Fri 11 Nov 2022 09:37:40 PM CET

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