Perception of what the Internet looks like today

I came across DOStodon, a Mastodon client for MS-DOS. I looked at screenshots and I saw today's Internet distorted by the crystal of time. So there is almost everything in its place, but it looks different. A similar feeling accompanies browsing a world map in MapSCII, and probably during the usage of other niche tools.

So we have a vision of today's Internet in our mind. It could be similar to the vision of the black-and-white film era, which made our minds feel that people, cities, and their activities then were less colorful than now. Or characteristic colors of Kodachrome film, which is emulated today by software color palettes.

So today Internet is more beautiful because it's served over 4K screens with real black, and bright colors, fancy fonts without visible pixels, and emojis. But we could fit it into DOStodon or MapSCII and it won't lose its core functionality. The marketing people are trying to invent the next generation decoration for it, but virtual reality or augmented reality that they are possible, they aren't accepted by most the people.


@ Sat 14 Jan 2023 08:14:28 PM CET

tags: #internet, #msdos, #mastodon