Why Gemini is (not) boring

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There were several discussions about the boringness of the Gemini. [The famous] and not-so-famous ones. People are complaining that is too much, or too less, technical, or nontechnical content. That there is not much content at all. That it will be great to come back with more people. That It isn’t the same as one or two years ago when all Gemini projects started from scratch.

We can observe the Geminispace from the inside and the outside world. Sometimes external observer is looking only through a hole created by a graphical browser. And he can only see the top of that universe. Because text presentation of data, observed most often inside a complete-graphical environment or web proxy, is only the one outer layer of that complex and strange efflorescence. We shouldn't understand Geminispace as a catalog of text data. And we shouldn't measure it by an occurrence that or these topics. If Geminispace can tell me a pancake with strawberries recipe? Maybe it never will do so.

For me the main idea standing behind Geminispace is people. Geminispace isn't far from Gophersphere. That's why we call it the Small web. That ecosystem gathers people thinking in that way. It's the power of the last Usenet warriors, Finger users, Pubnixes scholars, last light of BBSes. It's a new lifestyle (someone called it [Neo-Luddism] but it is not so strict in my opinion). Communicate and cooperate in that certain way. Building new text protocol and spending free time in that sauce. There is not any goal to conquest WWW and big social networks.

Because the Small net is also some sort of social network. With everything building on our own. Twitter build-up from a text file called Tinylog. Facebook set up on the top of the Antenna. Without powerful computers, and huge data transfers. With complexity managed with grace by Bash scripts. However, all this does not necessarily lead to the fact that only people from the IT industry are here. I know people from both side of the barricade and I want to read them with the same pleasure.

There was also a question: if the Gemini ecosystem died? My feeling is seeing as Gopher is still active, Gemini won't stop either. Maybe some of the hype has passed, and now things are moving at a normal pace.

[Why Gemini is boring]

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